We make coming out of the closet fashionable.

We design minimalist wardrobe staples with a distinctly stylish streetwear vibe for the everyday gay (and our proud allies), making us the perfect example of what happens when fashion meets advocacy.

Welcome to QnA (Queers 'n' Allies) Apparel. We're stoked you're here.

  • Born in the outer 'burbs of Brisbane, Australia, we're more than a clothing brand having a moment. QnA is a mindset and a movement that empowers rad humans to show up as their authentic selves with low-key ease, unshakeable confidence, and dope style.



(adjective noun) - relating to people whose sexual orientation is not heterosexual or whose gender identity is not traditionally male or female. Otherwise known as rad humans like us.



(countable noun) - someone who helps and supports people in a minority group or who are discriminated against, even though they do not belong to that group
themselves. Also known as bloody legends in our community.


Minus The Rainbow Vibe

As an LGBTQ+-owned brand intentionally created for the LGBTQ+ community, we understand that just because we fly the rainbow flag doesn’t mean we always wanna wear one.

Don’t get us wrong; we live for a multicoloured moment (#Slay #Iconic #StanForIt). But, we also recognise that being ‘out and proud’ looks and feels different to everyone - just as allyship does.

Some of us want to wear our pride on our sleeve without compromising our personal style; for others, it’s about balancing freedom of self-expression with personal safety in public. And for our straighty mateys, it’s searching for a way to show up meaningfully in the allyship space.

  • Our Mission

    To give our LGBTQ+ fam and allies a relaxed, contemporary streetwear alternative, allowing EVERYONE to wear their pride on their (understated) sleeve.

What we stand for:

  • Free to be you and me

    Our community is a diverse-AF mash-up of genders, identities, races, ages, backgrounds, life experiences and styles - and we're *so* here for it. In fact, we champion the shit outta' it.

  • Pride is for everyone

    You can be a supportive ally without being a walking symbol - just as you can be gay as hell without dripping in glitter. You don't need to be queer to show off your pride - just human.

  • Let us be perfectly queer

    "Rainbow washing" is more common than we'd like to see - and it sucks. We know that leading by example, speaking the truth, and answering questions - especially the ones people are afraid to ask - is the best way to educate, inspire, and empower people to be better and do better.

  • Equality without compromise

    No matter which letter in the LGBTQ+ alphabet is yours, wherever you sit on the gender spectrum, whatever you identify as, however you show up as a human, we believe in one universal rule: equality for all without compromise.

  • Can't keep a good gay down

    We stand proudly in our truth and happily share our experiences with our community in the hope that everyone feels seen, heard, valued - and a little less alone. Our motto? "Don't get bitter - just get better."

  • Love out loud

    We give a fuck (tons, actually) about showing our community how great life can be when you're encouraged to show up as the most authentic, comfortable, self-lovin' version of your queer ass. We're passionate about raising awareness around the issues our community faces - queer and ally alike - while supporting everyone's right to approach advocacy and self-expression in a way that feels right to them.

Ready to spark a low-key revolution? Let's get gay.